At Premier Source. we differentiate ourselves by offering additional value through a variety of different technologies and services that you can’t find elsewhere. We utilize leading technological equipment combined with precision tools to produce the cost effective solutions required for your project. We constantly upgrade our equipment, to incorporate the latest proven technology that has a bottom-line impact on customer projects.

  • Injection Molding

    Premier Source is equipped with 12 injection molding machines from 55-400 tons.

  • Insert Molding

    Premier Source offers another specialty molding process known as insert molding. This process provides solutions for our customers who are looking to fulfill a wide assortment of functional needs.

  • Over Molding

    This is where one material is molded over a second material. This precision molding process helps customers reduce the costs of fasteners and adhesives as well as create strong reliable parts.

  • Thermoforming

    From end use parts to plastic trays used for transportation and custom packaging, we can assist you from design to finished product.

  • Decorating

    With in-mold labeling, the product comes out of the tool without any post production finishing required. Let us know how we can help you to differentiate your products.

  • Assembly

    Premier Source offers manual, semi-automated, and fully automated work cells to meet the varying needs of our customer’s.

  • Automation & Vision Systems

    Automation is an effective tool in reducing variation, improving quality, and collecting measurement data for production operations. It is also a proven method for improving our competitive position with long term cost reduction opportunities.

  • Product Development & Engineering

    Premier Source provides you with an experienced engineering staff to assist you with your unique needs and projects.

  • Prototyping & Digital Manufacturing

    Premier’s in-house prototyping services make it easy to test your design before beginning full production. Our professionals work closely to ensure a seamless transition to production.

  • Tool & Mold Making

    Our engineering team is able to manage in-house tooling projects or external tooling through either regional or overseas tooling sources. Regardless of the location, all tooling projects result in high quality, cost effective molds.

  • Secondary Operations

    Our toolroom works with production to assist in post production modifications to your parts. From milling and drilling to tapping features on your parts we can assist in the development of your more complex parts.

  • Questions

    We love helping our clients realize their vision and an important ingredient in that is communication. Get in touch with us today.


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  • Markets

    Our experience in many industries gives us the experience to ensure your product exceeds expectations.

  • Idea

    We help entrepreneurs realize their vision with our affordable design & rapid prototyping so you can show your product to investors & more easily secure funding.

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