Prototyping & Digital Manufacturing

Premier’s in-house prototyping services make it easy to test your design before beginning full production. Our professionals work closely to ensure a seamless transition to production. Our services include fused deposition modeling (FDM), and a variety of other physical model options.

We can also provide prototype tooling to further prove out a design. These tools, or injection molding, blow molding, or vacuum forming typically produce anywhere from a few parts to many hundreds, giving customers more data to validate the final design and prepare for higher volume production. 

Parts made from our various printers can be built in various resolutions and materials.  In house materials available in ABS, ABS-PC blend, Polycarbonate (PC), and ULTEM.  Other materials are available upon request.  Also, there are many color options and most of these materials can easily be sanded sealed and painted.

We also specialize in rapid tooling production.  If you need a jig, fixture, or bracket, our machines can produce many of these parts in a fraction of the time and cost as typical aluminum or steel components.

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