FDM Rapid Prototyping Printer

    Premier Source is excited to announce the addition of its 4th FDM rapid prototyping printer. This new printer, a Stratasys Fortus 400, is capable of a much larger build and new materials. The machine has the ability to build parts up to 16"x14"x16" in ABS, ABS-PC blend, PC, and ULTEM. Along with the new materials, parts can also be built in a number of different colors. The PC and ULTEM materials in particular are great for any Jigs or Fixtures that you may need for production or automation components. These materials can even be used to build mold inserts for prototype injection molds as well as blow molding molds. We are also pleased that the build size and materials also match a lot of parts for our current customers (3M, Daktronics, and Apex) for any prototyping our customers may require.

Please feel free to contact me at Premier Source for more information.


Joel McCue, Design Engineer


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